Who’s seducing who(m)?

wp dyke making girls kiss

A common theme in lesbian porn is the corruption of straight girls by predatory dykes. The scene above is highly stylised, but it captures the theme very well. Two malleable young women being tutored by an experienced lesbian to try their first kiss. Very often, the scenario is an older woman seducing a younger into lesbian activity. Indeed, the older woman may be a close relative, and aunt or the girl’s mother even. All fantasy, of course.dyke and 2 victims

This is typical of the theme. A lot of these videos originate in the Netherlands or Russia, so you can have fun deciding if you can recognise racial types or styles of clothing while you watch an older woman turning two innocent young women into insatiable pussy-eaters.

dyke helping victims 1

Somehow, she manages to persuade them to get undressed. The next stage is obvious, the exploratory kiss:

dyke helping victims 3

Of course the girls soon get the hang of it and start to enjoy themselves. Sometimes it seems that the seduction goes the other way, with the two girls pouncing on the woman and getting her all hot and wet and excited:

ONEdyke w 2 victims 2

TWOdyke w 2 victims 3

THREEdyke w 2 victims 7

I’m sure you don’t need to see any more!


Size matters, sort of

wife ring showing w bl and her husbnad

This has all the ingredients you need to understand modern marriage. His wife is naked, bent forward over a chair. She is being serviced from behind by a well-built black man, doubtless with a full-on XXXL penis. The husband is complicit in this act. He offers his hand to let her know that he approves, and that he understands her uncontrollable need for big black cocks. He can only spare two fingers for this loving gesture because he is also taking the photograph.

It’s SO beautiful: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, the way she clasps his finger as her black lover’s penis penetrates deep – balls-deep as they say – to fill her in a way she has never experienced before.

What is it about big black cocks that are irresistible to white women? The women say “SIZE MATTERS”, but the length of some of these nigger dicks is enough to cause actual pain when they penetrate to full depth. In fact, it’s not the length but the breadth of the penis that makes it so good for the woman. It’s so fat that it brushes the walls of her vagina, causing a zillion nerve endings to tingle in a way they never do with a slimmer penis. The usual insult to a white man is to call him “pencil dick”: in other words, his penis is too slim to stimulate a woman’s vagina in the way that a thick black penis does.

Or maybe, women like BBC just because it makes them feel so naughty. Who knows?

Yasuko the Magnificent


The word gokuraku means “paradise”, and it’s a series of videos portraying innocent young Japanese girls being seduced into lesbianism. Try the video above. There are two problems: one, you probably don’t understand Japanese, so use your imagination; two, the censors pixillate genitals, which is very annoying, so — use your imagination!

The beauty of the gokuraku series is the way the girls go from giggling to total commitment to lesbian loving. It’s a long slow process, but all the more arousing for that. The giggly victims really do seem to be innocent, either that, or they are brilliant actresses (I don’t do pc bullshit: an actor is male, and actress is female).

The video I have recommended is a foursome: three innocents skilfully seduced into lesbian sex by a truly practised dyke. Here she is – let’s call her Yasuko. Yasuko is truly magnificent, I particularly like her encouraging smile. At the outset. Yasuko picks the girl she figures will be easiest to corrupt and starts out with a gentle kiss, while they other two “candidates” look on fascinated.






I shall not post the remaining frames of this gokuraku extravaganza, but if you are interested, please get in touch with me at samsayers40@yahoo.co.uk.

For me, these Japanese movies are vastly more interesting – and arousing – than the usual run of porn. Hope you agree.


A rose by any other name is just as Carol


Sorry, folks, please indulge me, I am in a very heightened emotional state this morning. Every day when I fire up my computer, I put up this photograph of Carol Vorderman, and when I shut down my computer, I take her down and replace her with a plain screen in lugubrious blue. I do this because I don’t want my cleaning lady to know what a degenerate perv I am.

Carol Vorderman, for those of you who don’t know, is now a celebrity, famous for being famous. She was part of a quiz show called Countdown for many years, and her pulchritude (code for tits and ass) ruined many a young lad. Me included. She was a bit skinny in those days, though her bum was always noticeably curvy. Now she has filled out and, for my taste, is about 1000% percent sexier for it.

I have no idea what she is really like as a person, though her occasional appearances on TV chat shows suggest that she is very nice, probably kind to animals and old people and ready to put a bob or two in the Red Cross collecting box. Of course, she might be a total bitch, but for me, she is a symbol, a goddess, the sort of MILF that has kept me well-tented for many a long year.

Thank you for indulging me. You can be sure I will be putting her up again sometime. When you have someone like Carol V living in your underpants, it’s hard to forget her.

Walking on eggshells

I reproduce this report from pluralist.com without comment beyond a deep sigh.

wp ocasio-cortez

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday dismissed men’s growing fears of interacting with women in the workplace, suggesting they should just stop being”creepy.”

The Democratic congresswoman retweeted month-old news about a survey showing that 60 percent of male managers are hesitant to mentor or socialize with junior-level women – a one-third increase from last year. The survey by feminist group LeanIn.org also found that the managers are 12 times less comfortable holding one-on-one meetings with junior-level women than with junior-level men. The upshot, it would seem, is that women are getting less support and opportunity, potentially stunting their careers.At the same time, fully 70 percent of employees said their company has “taken action to address sexual harassment,” a 46 percent increase from last year. Yet the percentage of women who said they feel safe at work fell since last year – from 91 percent to 85 percent. For Ocasio-Cortez – a frequent critic of misogyny real and imagined – the problem was clearly with men.

LeanIn.org founder, Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg, offered a similar take on her nonprofit’s findings shortly after they were released. In an appearance last month on CBS, Sandberg called for further feminist reforms to the workplace. “The problem is that even before this, women – and especially women of color – do not get the same amount of mentoring as men, which means we’re not getting an equal seat at the table, and, you know, it’s not enough to not harass us. You need to not ignore us either,” she said. “If there’s a man out there who doesn’t want to have a work dinner with a woman, my message is simple: Don’t have one with a man. Group lunches for everyone. Make it explicit, make it thoughtful, make it equal.”Sandberg continued: “It’s not enough to not harass, and I think too many people think that’s sufficient. That’s necessary, that’s a basic, but it’s not sufficient.” 

A women’s problem? However, some commentators questioned whether the survey indicated a failure of #MeToo. Since the movement launched in 2017 – with the goal of eradicating sexual misconduct in the workplace and beyond – critics have warned that it risks fulfilling its own vision of men as villains and women as victims. 

LeanIn.org’s finding were not the first evidence that the naysayers have a point. Last year, Bloomberg News reporters interviewed 30 male Wall Street executives and observed that “many are spooked by #MeToo and struggling to cope.” According to the report, male managers are avoiding even hiring women in an attempt to avoid sexual harassment allegations. 

According to David Bahnsen, a financial adviser who oversees more than $1.5 billion.”It’s creating a sense of walking on eggshells.”



Housewarming 2040

nigcaponlysuckblack cock

The propaganda is relentless. Where does it originate? Is it just about providing eye-candy for the jerkers? Or is there some kind of hidden agenda? There’s no doubt that this kind of imagery, and the accompanying message, have become the most popular stimulus to masturbation among white males, with white females catching up rapidly.

There is a school of thought, often expressed in stark terms of white genocide, that the day is close when ALL couples will be one white female with one black male. The following pic has a lighthearted caption, but there is a scary undertone to it:

nighousewarming party


That’ll be a sight to see.